Destination Highlights

Discover The Treasure Island…

When you’re thinking about find a perfect getaway, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with fun entertainments and attractions for you to enjoy with the whole family and friends while you’re in Bali, let us suggest you to visit Nusa Dua area. Located in the southern part of the island, Nusa Dua is an established area known for the upscale five star resorts. Discover the beauty, the clear turquoise water from Nusa Dua beach and enjoy rows of green trees along the street. Whatever you choose to do, Nusa Dua is the perfect place to be.

Mengiat Beach

If you are looking to explore Bali's best beaches beyond the crowd, Mengiat Beach would be the ideal alternative. The acclaimed white sandy beach provides an easily reached leisure with no disturbance. Marked as a safe swim area all the day during low tide or high tide, guests may discover and enjoy the sparkling water with its beauty inside only one step away from INAYA Putri Bali.

Water Blow – Peninsula Island

Witness the natural beauty of large waves from the Indian Ocean, the awesome power of nature “Water Blow” with the dramatic crashing waves reaching up to several metres high. Capture the unpredictable splashes and sprays. The Water Blow serves a great stopover to cool off and the site allows free access for the public.

Bali Collection

A complex of dining and shopping arcade conveniently located in exclusive compound of ITDC (International Trade Development Complex) area, Bali Collection is one considerable choice of eating out, consisting of a wide variety of dining options. Free shuttle bus is available on schedule.

Museum Pasifika

Showcasing the art of the worlds, Museum Pasifika entertains those who take pleasure in art, while also serves as an educational tool providing insight on the lives of different cultures throughout the age. The museum also provides guides for those who are curious on the background and history of each piece.

Devdan Show

Get yourself into a stunning choreography by skilled dancers and acrobats. Your eyes will be spoilt by a dazzling costume with hi-tech special effects on 90 minutes stunning visual performance. The storyline brings you into a fantastical tour of Indonesia archipelago. This artistic dance is the reflecting of Indonesia's large cultural diversity attracts travelers from all around and become one of the most memorable highlight during your visit.

Bali National Golf & Country Club

It offers visitors to a truly unique golfing experience due to the fantastic golf course setting. Golfing enthusiast will love this impressive landscape of an exclusive golfing experience. An expanse of lush green garden and sprawling trees awaiting in a spectacular landscape overlooking the ocean, ready to welcome you to a golfer's paradise.